Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples
Wedding Anniversary Greeting Images

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples | Sweet Anniversary Poems Cards For Him and Her

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples: Wedding anniversaries are not only a festival for the wedded couple, but rather for their kids as well. Your mother and father’s marriage anniversary is your opportunity to congratulate them with wishes, blessings and warm embraces. Begin the day by giving them a high quality Wedding Anniversary Greeting Cards. Such a sweet motion will instantly put a major grin on their faces.

Spend whatever is left of the day tagging them two on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in funny posts inspiring messages and charming quotes about love, marriage and life. Your folks buckle down lasting through the year to pay the home loan, bills and your costs – this while making beyond any doubt that your life remains as smooth as could be expected under the circumstances.As a loving daughter or son, demonstrate to them that you value their endeavors. Make their anniversary festivity daily to recall.

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples
Wedding Anniversary Greeting Images

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Sweet Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples

I see myself as so lucky

To have guardians who share

Such a good gravitation

Of love, regard and care

When I think of my life

I don’t feel anything yet happiness

Thank you both for making

Life’s excursion so extremely valuable

Happy anniversary


I know you need to invest energy today

With each other with no interruption

However, I will take only two minutes of your chance

To make a sweet assertion

I love you for being my folks

What’s more, the kind of companions that you have been

Super cool mums and fathers like you

I haven’t yet run over or seen

Have a wonderful wedding anniversary

Rekindle your love for each other

As I luxuriate away in the pride

Of having the world’s best father and mother


To mother and father…

I’m happy to celebrate

Your anniversary

Notwithstanding your association

There would be no me

Have a marvelous time

Today and until the end of time

Try not to do anything dumb

To give your binds a chance to disjoin

You are a magnificent

And a marvelous couple

On this anniversary

May your happiness twofold

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples


A clandestine code

A mystery enchantment mixture

An indecipherable rationale

An equation number one

We ponder what is it is

That makes you both tick

Your marriage is straight out

Of a lovely sentimental flick

Happy anniversary


Dear mother and father…

Your wedded life is an extraordinary case

Of the penances made by couples

Your wedded life has been so fine

It has matured effortlessly like a vintage wine

Your wedded life has been brimming with mind

To each other, you have constantly revealed your hearts

Your wedded life has been impeccable and perfect

It is a case of love which is unadulterated and genuine

Happy anniversary


Anniversaries will travel every which way

In any case, you will dependably be the best wedded couple I know

Companions may leave or remain

Be that as it may, you will dependably be there demonstrate to me the way

I trust you get everything you need

In spite of the fact that you both have enough to parade

I pray to God on your anniversary

That each child on the planet gets guardians like me


Dear mother and father…

You have no clue about

How happy I feel today

As I see you both together

I join my hands and pray

May no distress touch you

May no pain draw close

May your life be a breeze

Brimming with happiness and cheer

Happy Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples


Your lives and relationship have shown me a great deal

That love and love can’t be purchased

I have figured out how to trust

The most effective method to be reasonable, honest and just

Where might I be without you both, I don’t know

Thanks for continually being my shadow

My all the best are with you on your anniversary

To have guardians like you, I am to a great degree lucky


When I think of love

I think of you, mother and father

You are the best guardians

I could have ever had

When I think of a happy life

I think of you, mother and father

How you have dependably been lively

I have never observed you pitiful

As your anniversary nears

I think of you, mother and father

This sweet sonnet is with love

From your dearest fellow


The main couple of words that ring a bell

When I think of aggregate happiness

Is the smiling picture of you both

Free of all distress and trouble

The main visual that rings a bell

When I think of marriage

Dear mother and father, is you

What’s more, your lovely voyage

Happy anniversary

Adorable Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples

Today isn’t only your anniversary

It is time’s definitive declaration

That you were dependably implied for each other

Destined to be, my mother and father

As you recognize this uncommon day

There is something that I need to state

That separated from being the best husband and wife

You will dependably be the stars of my life

Happy anniversary


Here’s to the best guardians on the planet

They are the reason I am here

It’s simply because of them

That I have nothing to fear

Hopefully they outwit life

As they praise their extraordinary day

I wish them both a happy anniversary

May their happiness never leave

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples


When a great looking and merciful man

Weds a stunning and develop lady

What comes about is a relationship like yours

Loaded with bliss, happiness and bunches of fun

What likewise happens therefore

As an extraordinary reaction

Is that they bear wonderful youngsters

Like us, who end up being great

Happy anniversary


The best piece of your anniversary is

That there are bunches of grins all around

As the house prepares for a gathering

Furthermore, gets improved frame ceiling to ground

As everybody raises their glasses

For a lovely couple’s toast

Let me additionally say

That I love you the most

Happy anniversary


When you met up

As husband and wife

You set out on a trip

To share a brilliant life

When you both moved toward becoming

Father and mother

You chose to give me

A superb future

How about we celebrate and appreciate

Such a delightful family association

I wish you a happy anniversary

Expectation you have a ton of fun


Those who make for good couples

Don’t generally make for good guardians as well

In any case, one couple who is an exemption

Mother and father, that couple is you

You are not simply amazing guardians

Yet in addition an extraordinary combine

Your greatest years of marriage ahead

With us, we need you to share

Happy anniversary


Thanks for getting hitched

Thanks for becoming a couple

Thanks for giving me birth

I trust I make your happiness twofold

Happy anniversary to you both

Dear mother and father

I have arranged a lovely festival

Like something you have never had

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples


If anybody needs a definition

Of love, care or fondness

They should think of you both decisively

Since you are love’s human incarnation

As we begin your anniversary’s festival

We take it is an affirmation

That you will dependably be each other’s appearance

Furthermore, remain focused on each other with dedication

Happy anniversary


I ponder what keeps you both ticking

Indeed, even after such a large number of years

Is there an enchanted equation

That keeps you both free of tears

I wish a happy anniversary

To the best guardians ever

I trust you have incredible life ahead

Inundated in sentiment for eternity

Happy anniversary


Your value is more than that of gold

Which is known to everyone

You needn’t bother with anniversaries

For proving that to anyone

Your love is more important

Than silver or platinum

For separated from being a cool couple

You both are guardians just magnificent

Happy anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Love Poems

Who said love doesn’t have an address

It remains at my mother and father’s place

Who said nobody knows what love looks like

It’s everywhere on my mother and father’s face

Happy anniversary to the couple

Who begins to look all starry eyed again and again

Without you both in my life

Everything would be in vain


You both are the most loving guardians on this planet

That is one thing I can wager

You have satisfied each conjugal duty

What’s more, effectively raised a kid like me

Presently the time has come to put your feet up and unwind

To unwind and restore your bodies and mind

Have a happy anniversary as you go on your vacation

For your fellowship and happiness I will dependably pray


Dear mother and father…

Regardless of whether it wasn’t

Your anniversary today

I would have said this

To you both at any rate

With little activities in day by day life

You have shown me

The genuine meaning and pith

Of celebrating a anniversary

You have the ideal family

Extraordinary children and a lovely house

Feelings of inspiration

In me, you generally stir

Happy anniversary


No festival is sufficiently enormous

For guardians who have given me

Everything most valuable in my life

Under the shade of their marriage

No gathering that I ever toss

Will have the capacity to coordinate to

The amazing guardians that you both are

I wish a happy anniversary to you

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples


Bearers of good news

We have dependably been to you

This day being the same

It is loaded with happiness as well

We need to remind you both

By pausing the trench of your life

That you aren’t only our folks

Be that as it may, also a great husband and wife

Which is the reason you merit a three day weekend

From tasks and obligations of the family

To appreciate a day independent from anyone else

What’s more, commend your anniversary


I got you both a scrumptious cake

Delicate, fleecy and gooey

Aside from looking good

It likewise tastes yummy

Made extraordinarily for you

I trust you like my treat

Like the love you two offer

I trust the cake is similarly as sweet


When I think of your anniversary festivities

The main thing that rings a bell

Is that a flawless couple like you

Ought to be sent away for an excursion to unwind

So please acknowledge my token of love

It’s something little, however decent

It’s only two tickets to Hawaii

I trust that will get the job done

Happy anniversary


Your anniversary isn’t only a year that passed by

It an imperative day to connote

A terrific breakthrough that imprints

A period numerous years back when there were a few sparkles

Between a great looking man and a delightful lady

Of whom I happen to be the son

Your anniversary commends the delights that you have seen

You are a couple who has been forever blessed

Here’s to a deep rooted of happy years to come

Happy anniversary to my father and mum


Dear mother and father…

Much the same as how one piece

Fits the other one in a baffle

You too are made for each other

An amazingly striking couple

Much the same as how one major square

Fits the other one in Lego

You fit each other’s lives flawlessly

Is the thing that I need you to know

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Couples


We are so happy

That this day came

Into your lives after which

Nothing was ever the same

We are so happy

That it is a result of this day

We came into this world

Paving happiness en route

In spite of the fact that our reasons

To compliment you appear to be childish

Numerous more happy years of marriage

For you is the thing that we wish

Happy anniversary



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