Thank You Poems for Friends


A mushy greeting card on Friendship’s Day isn’t sufficient. Your closest companions merit more. Compose a sweet ballad and pick an irregular day to offer it to your besties. Post in on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

1) My closest companion until the end of time

That you are

The best thing to happen

In my life up until this point

My day by day measurements

Of happiness and inspiration

My dear companion

You are the one

Thank you


2) If I hadn’t met you

Things would have been awful

I don’t who I would’ve called

At whatever point I was dismal

I would’ve had nobody

To reveal my mysteries to

Close by in the event that I didn’t

Have an amazing companion like you


3) I can’t think of a superior way

Than writing a sweet ballad to state

Thank you, for everything you’ve done

Since the day, our fellowship had started

I’ll never have the capacity to reimburse this obligation

Regardless of what I do, I wager

I guarantee, to be a companion to you

Like you’ve been to me, so evident

Thank you


4) More than a blessing

In excess of a voyage

In excess of a treat

Something beyond destiny

Our fellowship is

Something uncommon

It makes everything

Appear to be so enchanted

Here’s to you

A companion not at all like some other

Here’s to us

Companions until the end of time


5) No one would snicker at my jokes

Nobody would call me lovely

All my concealed gifts and characteristics

Nobody would have the capacity to see

Nobody would know my insider facts

Nobody would call me at midnight

Nobody could ever know

What I need in my Mr. Right

Nobody would think about my smash

Nobody would understand my inclinations

On the off chance that I didn’t have a companion like you

I would miss life’s best encounters



6) The trial of time

Has been survived

Of each other’s organization

In spite of the fact that we were denied

The trial of separation

Has been won by us

Despite the fact that were separated

We didn’t make a whine

Each curveball that life

Tossed at our kinship

Actually, made it

A substantially more grounded relationship


7) If I needed to give

Our fellowship a name

I would call it a voyage

Marvelous and unique

It I needed to give it

A heading or a title

I would call it a street trip

Joyful and incredible

Our fellowship, in the event that I needed to

In only one line, abridge

I’d say it is my

Life’s best prize



8) A solid divider

A steadfast column

Is the thing that you have been to me

By being a companion so dear

A rooftop on the head

A strong parapet

You are one the most

Solid individuals I have met

You have constantly protected me

Also, been defensive

A sincere thank you for that

Is the thing that I need to give


9) Just like how a sunflower dependably

Looks toward the sun

I excessively look towards a companion like you

When I need to have some good times

Much the same as how a mouse dependably goes

Toward the path it smells cheddar

I excessively search for a companion like you

For my happiness to increase

Much the same as how the moon and stars

Continuously go together

We will be companions for time everlasting

Presently and until the end of time



10) Friends like you are worth

Their weight in gold

My significant token

Notwithstanding when I end up old

Way more valuable

Than diamonds or pearls

Life’s actual meaning

They help spread out

Wonderful and fun

Really invaluable

For cash can’t purchase

Companionship’s happiness



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