Motivational Thank You Poems Friends


Cling on to good companions since life won’t give you an excessive number of them. From embraces to high fives to all the insane stuff that you do together – the circumstances you go through with companions are going to wind up your life’s most marvelous recollections.

1) It’s been quite a while since

You and I have been companions

We are evidence of the way that

Every good thing don’t generally end

Through happiness and misery

Through highs and lows

I’m here for you until the end of time

Is the thing that I need you to know


2) Living existence without a companion like you

Would resemble having a wine turned sour

Attending school and school without you

Would have unquestionably made me distraught

Flipping a photograph collection without you in it

Would resemble watching a rainbow in sepia

Not sharing every one of my issues with you

Would place me in a huge predicament

Each part of life would be vacant

Clear and absolutely dismal

On the off chance that you weren’t there in my life

To top it off with grand happiness



3) For being a companion deserving of

Being thanked each and every day

I need to demonstrate my appreciation to you

In each conceivable way

I don’t know where to begin

Possibly you could propose something as well

Begin thinking and make a rundown of stuff

That I can do to spoil you


4) When I lost faith in myself

You turned into my confidence

At the point when my eyes were shedding tears

You turned into their glimmer

At the point when my sense of self got hammered

You fed it like fire

You believed me notwithstanding when

The world called me a liar

When I wound up troublesome

You demonstrated persistence with me

I figure, closest companions until the end of time

We’re intended to be



5) The idiosyncrasies and the giggles

The grins and the selfies

The insane and the cool

The fun and the recollections

The irregular and the wonderful

The tears and the scowls

The hits and the misses

The ups and the downs

Our kinships has been

One great ride

I’m happy I have companions

Like you close by


6) You have remained by me like a stone

Despite the fact that I never asked you to

Not exactly when I was correct

However, when I wasn’t right as well

You have done everything

That is normal from a companion

To the amount I love you

There is just no end


7) There was a period when I thought

That companionship was just about chuckles and grins

Be that as it may, now I’ve understood how the tears and wails

Are likewise what makes it meaningful and advantageous

Together, we’ve not quite recently grinned and chuckled

Yet in addition battled, contended and cried

Regardless, I’ve generally observed you

Ideal next to me, after the tears have dried

For the way you’ve remained by me constantly

I don’t realize what to state or do

Possibly it’ll take a lifetime to reimburse the appreciation

However, for the time being, I’ll begin with saying Thank You


8) You are the one due to whom

Our battles have never endured long

You are the reason why

Our companionship is so solid

You are the reason for us to be

Close, notwithstanding when we are miles separated

It is a direct result of you that I

Live cheerful, with my entire being

You are the main person

Who gets kudos for our kinship

For making it the most

Sweetest and cutest relationship



9) Like yin and yang, similar to high contrast

Like harsh and smooth, similar to day and night

Like simple and extreme, as hot and cool

Like low and high, similar to silver and gold

Like light and dim, as feeble and solid

Like splendid and dull, similar to short and long

We’re contrary energies, however absolutely reciprocal

Closest Friends Forever, we’re intended to be


10) No issue how much time

We spend together

Regardless of whether hours or days

Enough, it appears to be never

I don’t know how I’d adapt

If you somehow managed to leave

That minute would introduce

My life’s most painful days

How about we guarantee each other

That paying little mind to where

Life takes us, for each other

We’ll generally be there

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