Mother’s Day Treats and Sweets

Mother's Day Treats and Sweets
Mother's Day Treats and Sweets

Today I sharing post related the Mother’s Day Treats and Sweets . The Mom word meaning is the child nothing without blood. Mom is best and great, She care his child’s and educated the children with manners.

1. Sprinkle sweet bites

Mom and baker Paige used (leftover!) sour cream lemon cookies mixed with cream cheese and lemon juice as the base of her truffles, then coated them in melted white chocolate and sprinkles. If you want to get creative with presenting these gorgeous sweets, consider decorating a recycled box with Mom’s favorite colors for a DIY “box of chocolates” appeal! Originally made to “brighten up a grouchy day,” these lemon cookie cream cheese truffles from The Sweet Spot will definitely make your Mother’s Day shine!

2. Mother’s Day waffles

Offering up the flavorful goodness of banana bread with the appeal of a waffle, this recipe can be mixed the night before for easy morning-of making. Your kids will love helping to whip up the batter. After a quick run through the waffle iron, simply top off your fab waffles with a generous helping of banana slices and syrup. Yum! Bringing together the best of both worlds, these banana bread waffles featured on Annie’s Eats are sure to become a new Mother’s Day must-have. (We know a particular dad who wouldn’t mind this recipe either!)

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3. Momaroons

Mom Julie created these tasty macaroons with ingredients including cream cheese, limes and maraschino cherries. Heavenly, we know! Your little ones will love shaping the cookies into mini domes and adding the special “cherry on top” that’s just for Mom. 
These cherry limeade macaroons served up on Mommie Cooks are perfect for the ladies out there who have an infinite love for sweet treats. Doesn’t hurt that the flavors are reminiscent of a sweet and tangy cocktail (tropical vacation, anyone?)!

4. Tasty bouquet for Mom

Simply made using mini-frosted cupcakes (boxed mix is fine), candies, licorice and lollipop sticks, these cute treats are easy for small hands to make. Just set out all of the decorative sweets and let the creativity flow! Once your colorful bouquet is in full bloom, present it in a vase with floral foam at the base. Overall, this is one edible arrangement that’s sure to bring a smile to Mom’s face!
Fresh spring flowers on Mother’s Day will always be a favorite pick, but what about giving Mom a bouquet this year that looks (and is!) good enough to eat? Needless to say, we can’t get enough of this sweet edible bunch featured on Cookies and Cups!

5. Deep-dish delish

Made with pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough and crumbled Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, the recipe is great for busy families who want to make Mom a little special somethin’ before the day’s festivities. To perfect your deep-dish treats, mom Dorothy recommends using a whoopie pie pan or a pizza pan to create one giant cookie for everyone to share! All in all, an excellent pick for the moms out there with a soft spot for chocolate (a.k.a. all of us!).
We love this quick and easy two-ingredient recipe for “deep-dish” cookies served up on Crazy for Crust!


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