Good Night Boyfriend Poems

This post is bubbling with rhymes that will offer peace to the sentimental soul. Read them and be inspired to compose your heart out to express your affection in words that discussion about nestles, kisses and embraces – simply the things you require from your person. Jab him with your rhymes on Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, SnapChat and the various spots where you can indulge in some soft talk before you both nod off.

1) Is it just me

Or on the other hand do you feel it to

My spirit chokes

When I’m far from you

Entranced and wore out

Worn out and forlorn

Quietly suffering

In this pitiful desolation

Debilitated from the center

Don’t recognize what to do

As I check the stars

Thinking about you


2) It is difficult to explain how amazing it feels

To have a person like you as my boyfriend

It is a joyride like no other

Chuckles and happiness, till no end

Before I rest tonight I need to state

Much obliged to You, for being such a caring person

The energy of your adoration is such

That I grin notwithstanding when I cry

Good night


3) I asked Google

The most effective method to wish my boyfriend good night

It answered

Give him a kiss and an embrace, energetically

So this content is loaded with much love

Answer back, to send some my way

All things considered, we should dependably do

What Google says

Good night


4) You should burrow a long underground passage

Which keeps running from your home to mine

So consistently after you finish dinner

You can escape after nine

This insane idea is only the beginning

Of the wild ride of our puppy adore

You and me, kid

Are a match made in the sky above

Good night


5) This adorable little rhyme is

Less about wishing you good night

Also, more about making

You comprehend my situation

Dazzling and alone I feel

When you’re nowhere to be found

On the off chance that no one but you could hear

My heart’s thumping sound

As though Ice-Age has unfolded

I’m stuck in a feared solidify

Take care of this

Would you satisfy


6) Let’s go on a trek

To some place far away

Where I can be

With you night and day

Goodness how sentimental

Would that be


Just you and me



7) I loathe these nights

So dejected and inauspicious

Notwithstanding for a couple of hours

I loathe not having you with me

There is nothing wonderful

About the stars or the sky

Thinking about you in bed

Is all that I do when I lie

As I put myself to rest

I’ll make an effort not to dream about you

I trust you are passing

Through a similar misery as well

Good night


8) I am can’t nod off

Since I’m thinking about you

I am rolling around in bed

Since I am missing you

I am cuddling my pad

As though it were you

Child I feel so desolate

I trust you miss me as well


9) I wish you could

Tuck me into bed

I wish you could

Kiss me on the brow

I wish you could

Give me an embrace

I wish we could

Snuggle and be cozy

I wish we could

Be as one right at this point

Child I am

Missing you and how

Good night


10) Before your essence in my life

The night dependably appeared to be delightful to me

In any case, now that I am enamored with you

It denotes our partition so melancholy

As of recently, I saw the mists

As something brimming with riddle

In any case, now I think that they are

Nothing however a dull tone of sepia

You have changed the way I look

At night, day and things in the middle

May tomorrow end up being

A standout amongst other days we’ve ever observed

Good night

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