Boyfriend Love Poems


Saying I Love You should be excessively entangled – it is intended to be treasured in its magnificence. Give your relationship everything you have, that is the slightest it merits.

1) Like the glow of the winter sun

Like the sound of an immortal song

Like a drive on the open street

In summer, similar to the cool shade of a tree

Like sleeping in, on a nippy morning

Like opportunity, and living life cheerful

Is the means by which I feel each and every time

When I think about you and me


2) For you, my heartbeats go

Pound, pound, pound

For your love, my spirit goes

Bounce, hop, hop

When I see you, my eyes

Vacillate, shudder, ripple

Looking at you softens me like

Margarine, spread, spread

Your charming embraces influence me to feel

Vroom, vroom, vroom

Your kisses influence me to go

Blast, blast, blast

I love you


3) Definitely a cutie

Most likely a smartie

Continually looking smart

Embodiment of a lover

Very nice looking

Continuously so amazing

In each way, praiseworthy

To finish it off, additionally capable

Child, words are sufficiently not

Describing you, is uber extreme

Everything I can state at the present time is

That I require an embrace and a kiss


4) From senseless contentions

To the most inept battles

Our fights appear to last

Through day and night

In any case, even after this

In life’s dimness, you are the light

Being with you

Makes everything right


5) What you extremely mean to me

Nobody will ever grasp

It resembles I need time to

Stop at the present time, and never end

You make my life consummate

I mean it, I truly do

I guarantee, I’ll never show signs of change

Furthermore, that is all, I as of you as well


6) From the sweet good morning messages

To the coy discussions at night

Simply knowing that you’re there

Makes everything appear to be correct

To state, that being with you makes

Life culminate, is excessively paltry and fleeting

The center of our relationship is

That it makes life worth living


7) Until the day I met you

I didn’t know without a doubt

On the off chance that I could ever find love

So marvelous, flawless and unadulterated

Be that as it may, as far back as that day

Every one of my questions were put to rest

For me, it’s nobody however you

Since I’ll have nothing yet the best


8) To my boyfriend…

Since the day we’ve been as one

I have felt lovely normally

I have never felt the need

To doll up misleadingly

Since the minute I succumbed to you

I have another viewpoint

I never realized that I had

Such a great amount to share, such a great amount to give

Since the minute our relationship started

Everything has turned out to be ruddy

My life has feels like it is great

Which I never figured it would be

I love you


9) If there was a street to the moon

I’d walk it forward and backward

Just to demonstrate a point

My feelings, I need you to know

Amazing is too less a word

To depict how I feel

When I think about how

You, are my life’s energy

All I need from you is a guarantee

That you’ll generally remain the same

Along these lines, through the majority of life’s dim corners

You can always be my fire


10) I can’t shake off the idea

Of kissing you when you aren’t there

This separation between us

Simply doesn’t appear to be reasonable

I can’t quit thinking

Of hugging you when you arrive

Step by step instructions to kill time until at that point

Is the main thing I fear

I can’t quit daydreaming

Of doing things together

Child, come meet me soon

So all my uneasiness can vanish

I love you


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