Boyfriend Love Poems From Girlfriend


Uncover somewhere inside and pull all the sweet things you need to state to him, and transform it into a charming rhyme. Post it on your Facebook, share it on Pinterest, put it up on your Instagram, send him a content or offer it to him on a manually written note. Try not to bashful out and don’t fear embarrassing yourself.

1) Texting you

Has turned into a dependence

Chatting late night

Has turned into a suffering

Cuddling up with you

Is the thing that I need to do throughout the day

Hanging onto each

Single word you say

Kissing you has moved toward becoming

A medicine for my spirit

Being your girlfriend

Has turned into my most loved part

I love you


2) Every breath I take

I devote to you

You are the reason for

Everything that I do

Consistently that I am alive

I live by your name

Without you, my life

Could never be the same

I love you


3) Without you, the brightest

Of stars appear to be troubling

Without you, the most joyful

Of minutes appear to be foggy

Without you, the weakest

Of pains, appear to be solid

Without you, even the best

Openings appear to be off-base

Without you, the fondest

Of recollections appear to be blurred

Without you, life’s adventure

Is dim and tainted

I love you


4) Quotes about love

Poems about friendship

Limericks about flirting

Songs about enthusiasm

None of these I can

Commit to you

For our love is much

More profound and significantly more obvious

The main thing

I might want to state

That with you, I’ll never

Drop out of love, quickly

I love you


5) The clock goes tick tock

I continue to have stares off into space

Being far from you notwithstanding for a moment

Isn’t as simple as it appears

The clock goes tick tock

I can hardly wait for you to get back

In my arms, throughout my life

What’s more, returned everything on track

The clock goes tick tock

I can’t quit thinking about you

My head spins all around

I trust you miss me as well


6) Love talks no dialect

In any case, mine does truly well

My eyes converse with yours

In a code that nobody can tell

Love should be blind

In any case, mine wasn’t by any means

I knew when we initially met

That for you, I would fall

I love you


7) Sometimes I ponder

What our relationship truly is

Regardless of whether it is my shortcoming

Or on the other hand quality and aggregate delight

Some of the time it keeps me down

Some of the time it drives me forward

Whatever it might be, without it

My life would be obscured

All I know is that

I require your embraces to survive

Without them, I wouldn’t know

Regardless of whether I’m in any condition


8) You are capable exclusively

For my condition at the present time

You have abandoned me completely disoriented

Perplexed and how

You are the reason why

I feel so impeded

I can’t do anything

Constantly, I feel ensnared

The genuine issue is

That I am lost in your charms

I can’t begin the day

Without being in your arms

I love you


9) I don’t love you a great deal

Because you are hot

I don’t think you are amazing

Because you are charming

I don’t find you sweet

Because you control my pulse

I find you charming

Since you are so surprising

I find you wonderful

Since you are so gallant

So, to be with a person like you

I think about myself, among the fortunate few


10) Without you

I am not finished

Having you by me

Is dependably a treat

Without you

I don’t feel awesome

My heart thumps for you

At an insane rate

Without you

I don’t have a craving for doing anything

Since sweetheart

You’re my everything

I love you

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