Boyfriend Good Night Poems

1) When the rushing about

Of the day goes noiseless

My heart thumps for you

Getting louder and clear

At the point when the sun goes down

At the point when night assumes control day

I begin missing you

In each conceivable way

At the point when the stars illuminate

The dim night skies

I simply have a craving for staring

Into your marvelous eyes

When it is the ideal opportunity for bed

I wish you were close by

So we can both go

Together on a marvelous ride

Good night


2) I am looking outside my window

Whatever I can see are empty shadows

The stars, the moon the dull sky

Looking at them, influences me to cry

I wish you were here, with me

I wish together, we could be

I require the solace of your embraces

In your arms, I need to be cozy

Good night


3) If Facebook had a HUG catch

I would HUG you consistently

In the event that Twitter had an exceptional tweet for KISSES

I would KISS you energetically

In the event that Pinterest had a different pin for affection

I would pin it hundreds of times

You can perceive the amount I am missing you

As I pen down this senseless rhyme

Good night


4) Night is the time

At the point when cherish improves itself known

Despite the fact that I am in solitude

My heart begins beating quicker

I feel desolate and discouraged

My body pines for your touch

Despite the fact that you are only a summon

I miss you in particular


5) The night is dim

Its hush is profound

I need to converse with you

Just before I rest

It will bring me peace

It will influence me to grin

Hearing your voice

Makes life beneficial

Good night


6) I need to tear separated my pad

Toss my telephone against the divider

I need to tear my sofa

For a couple of hours, influence my life to slow down

I can’t shoulder the idea

Of being far from you for so long

I’ll close my eyes and make

Myself candidly solid

I trust that I don’t go

Insane when it’s morning

For meeting you tomorrow

I will be urgently waiting

Good night


7) You are my cushion

Since you bolster me throughout everyday life

You are my cover

Since you shield me from strife

You are the star of my night sky

Since you add to my life, a stunning twinkle

You are my brilliant moon

Since your affection is a supernatural shimmer

Good night


8) Close your eyes

Inhale profoundly

Clear your mind

Simply think about me

This ought to be

Your routine consistently

I arrange you to miss me



9) Leaning on you

Holding your arms

Looking in your eyes

Succumbing to your charms

Whispering in your ears

Giving you a kiss

Hugging you tight

Enjoying affection’s chasm

Good night


10) The whole universe, I think

Is adjusted consummately for you and me

The sun, the skies, the mists

Everything was made, for our destiny

My heart genuinely trusts that

Each star oblivious night skies

Shines just, and simply because you

Are the twinkle in my eyes

Good night

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