Beautiful Quotes About Love

Beautiful Quotes About Love

Today is my post is about the Beautiful Quotes About Love, Love is the magic that binds connections, regardless of whether they be companionship, familial or sentimental. While we comprehend what love feels like, it is regularly hard to articulate this feeling. Skip being tongue-tied and see the accumulation of shrewd, uplifting, and silly love colloquialisms and statements underneath.

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Love is companionship that has burst into flames. It is tranquil understanding, common certainty, sharing and excusing. It is devotion through great and terrible occasions. It makes due with not as much as flawlessness and considers human shortcomings.

Ann Landers

Nonappearance is to cherish as wind is to fire; it smothers the little and enkindles the incredible.

Roger de Rabutin de Bussy

One who weds for adoration alone will have terrible days yet great evenings.

Egyptian (on marriage)

Love is a power more impressive than some other. It is imperceptible – it can’t be seen or estimated, yet it is amazing enough to change you in a minute, and offer you more euphoria than any material belonging could.

Barbara De Angelis

In some cases the heart sees what is undetectable to the eye.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Love doesn’t cause the world to go ’round. Love is the thing that makes the ride advantageous.

Franklin P. Jones

Love is made out of a solitary soul occupying two bodies.


Love is an organic product in season consistently, and inside reach of each hand.

Mother Teresa

Love: an uncontrollably misjudged albeit profoundly attractive glitch of the heart which debilitates the cerebrum, makes eyes shimmer, cheeks to gleam, pulse to rise and the lips to pucker.

Creator Unknown

Love is a canvas outfitted by Nature and weaved by creative mind.


The best and most lovely things on the planet can’t be seen nor even contacted, yet just felt in the heart.

Anne Sullivan

Love is a texture which never blurs, regardless of how frequently it is washed in the water of affliction and distress.

Robert Fulghum

In the number juggling of adoration, one in addition to one equivalents everything, and two short one equivalents nothing.

Mignon McLaughlin

Love is of all interests the most grounded, for it assaults all the while the head, the heart and the faculties.


Love is to cherish somebody for what their identity is, what their identity was, and who they will be.

Chris Moore

To love is nothing. To be adored is something. In any case, to cherish and be adored, that is everything.

T. Tolis

Love is an untamed power. At the point when we attempt to control it, it decimates us. At the point when we attempt to detain it, it oppresses us. At the point when we attempt to get it, it leaves us feeling lost and confounded.

Paulo Coelho

Love is a demonstration of unending pardoning, a delicate look which turns into a propensity.

Subside Ustinov

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